A Rebel without a Clue (singtomeloudly) wrote in green_day_1039,
A Rebel without a Clue

New member

Hi my name is fay and I am a sixteen year old from NJ ♥ I love Green Day and have have been a fan for quite some time now. My first Green Day concert was on September 1st 2005 at Giants Stadium and it was the most amazing day of my life. Also on November 10th 2005 I went to nyc with my best friend to see Green Day on TRL and Tre Cool looked at us *smiles with a girly smile* lol yeah it was amazing seeing all the band and Adie in real life. My life revolves around Green Day and is very important to me. I am online all the time and love to make graphics. I run two Green Day communitys and have fun doing that.

I love Green Day and making new friends with Green Day fans. I am glad to be here ♥

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