RAWR. (nakedpastramix3) wrote in green_day_1039,

Hey guys!

I am Tomi.. um. I am 13. I live in Florida.. I have been a fan of Green Day for like.. awhile. I dont know what else to say.. If you want to know anything about me just ask haha. Anyway.. Yeah. I just joined and had something super important to post.. but I got kind of sidetracked and forgot!

Well this community seems awesome and it appears to be on a good start so I am hoping it doesnt die like 9-% of the communities out there!

<33 Tomi

OH. And feel free to add me! I love making new friends, especially Green Day friends!

OH[again] I have a myspace too! http://www.myspace.com/_tomi_ I have like 6000 friends on that one.. so I recommend you add this one http://www.myspace.com/rad_rawr but you can add both!


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Welcome to the new coolest Green Day community on the..uhm..whatever it is, LJ site? yeah. LJ site. Yeah. You seem cool.

Haha, sorry that was..odd. I need sleep. Badly.

Well, welcome. lol
haha, yes, the coolest community eljay can offer!

*feels welcomed*
That's right, just like I told you to say, good girl,, good girl... *strokes.


Deleted comment